Training & Apprenticeships

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Train your staff and keep their skills updated and relevant for FREE.

We have joined with many businesses to support their growth and retention plans by training existing staff members.


Why Train Your Staff?

Studies show that staff members that are learning and being challenged are more likely to stay within their current job. Now you have the chance to train your staff at no additional cost, and give them recognized industry qualification.


What We Offer

  • Digital Media L3
  • Team Leading L2
  • Management L3
  • Admin
  • Customer Care
  • Providing Financial Services


Who Can We Train?

Eligibility Requirements

  • Working at least 21 hrs per wk in a suitable job role
  • Maths and English GCSEs (A-C) or equivalent eg
  • L1 Application of number/communication
  • Age 16-24
  • Typical Group Size 10-20 Individuals
  • 2/4 hours training per month onsite


Where Does The Training Take Place?

Onsite Training at a time that is convenient to you.


When Can We Train Your Staff?

We have specialist Trainers available in specific areas of expertise ready to train your staff now!

Suggested Programme Structure

Month 1 - Enrollment

  • Eligibility Check
  • Application & Learner Contracts
  • Apprenticeship NI Pathway Agreement (Team Leading/Customer Service)
  • Individual Training  and Assessment Plan

Month 1-4 Skills & Knowledge Development

  • Programme Induction
  • Skills Development workshops (#8, half-day, fortnightly)
  • AC II Support Clinics (4 –  monthly, 2 hour sessions)
  • AC II Distance Learning / Online Study Support

Months 2-6 Assessment

Competency based Assessment against IPS Framework

  • Candidate workbooks
  • Examination 
  • Certification & Award


How Do You Update Your Staffs Skills and Qualifications?

Contact for more info.