" They Are By Far The Best IT Recruitment Agency & They Actually Care About My Career!"

The communication from Graffiti Recruitment was a very relaxing and affirmative. They made me feel relaxed and at ease during the interview process and filled me with confidence before and after the interview.

The approach and advice was also very relaxing and informative. The phone calls between us did not feel work related but rather a chat between two friends discussing a new job, the technology industry, workshops, designers and what I wanted out of life. This approach put me at ease and made me feel more confident.

Before I went on to my interview, I had a ‘mock interview’ over the phone. We went through questions, which could possibly pop up in the interview. Not every question in the ‘mock interview’ did come up in the interview but a few of the questions did, and I was well prepared and this helped me feel relaxed and confident knowing they were experts in their industry.

If I had any questions about the interview or about the process in general, Graffiti were only a phone call away and had no issues answering any questions and provided full support from start to finish & we also had a laugh along the way.

Graffiti knew of my lack of experience because I had only recently finished university but I was assured that my work was good enough for the role and they also assured me that my employer knew of my lack of experience. They knew how to guide me through the interview process with the amount of experience I possessed and they helped me get my first job! I started the job one day after my graduation ceremony and haven’t looked back since. I wouldn’t have got this break through without the help of Graffiti and I cant thank them enough.

The process from start to finish was very reassuring and I was helped along every step of the journey, including after I got the job, which I appreciated. Once I had the job, other companies would’ve parted ways and I may not of heard of them again but not with Graffiti. They wanted to know how I settled in, what work I was doing, how I was finding the new job etc. and I felt like Graffiti actually cared about my future, rather than me being just another ‘applicant’.

I would defiantly recommend Graffiti to anyone who is after a job or career advice. They helped my get my first big break through and helped me through the whole process. They had mass amounts of knowledge about every question & are passionate about the IT industry. Anything I asked I always felt I was speaking with a professional who provided the support I needed & much more.

I thank the team at Graffiti for all their support and helping me to get my first job as a Graphic Designer, without them this would not have been possible.



Rhys | Graphic Designer,