Shropshire Chamber Member


About the Chamber

As dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate business professionals we are proud to be recognised as exemplars of excellence. We work in collaboration to support and empower each other and our business community, and are firmly committed to positively impacting our local economy. Patrons are – and will remain – a true Showcase for Shropshire.

As Patrons we:

  • Are Members and true advocates of the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce
  • Develop strong relationships with – and support the interests of – other Patrons and the wider stakeholder community
  • Foster trade relationships through partnership working with individuals and groups
  • Are respected and credible business owners and executives, committed to continuous professional development
  • Attend appropriate events, networking forums, and business expos in order to showcase the Patronage Scheme
  • Proudly help our county’s economy thrive and grow


Business Matters

Feature P.18 Business Matters Feb/March


IT Specialist is no regular Company in the recruitment of Talented folk!

Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, EVENING BUSINESS EXPO, FURROWS, SHREWSBURY, Elinor Bengry, Zoe Detheridge, Antony Frost, James Evans & Julie McGrath.

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