Top 6 IT Hiring Trends For 2018

Demand for tech talent will continue to outpace supply in the year ahead, while the mix of skills necessary to remain relevant in IT will undergo a significant shift. The good times for tech workers will continue through the next year, which found that today’s tech talent gap will continue to put pressure on businesses in 2018…
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The newest £1 billion startup is led by one of tech’s youngest female CEOs

This week, Canva announced a £40 million founding round making its founder, Melanie Perkins, 30, perhaps the youngest female CEO to be leading a £1 billion startup. Perkins co-founded Canva in 2014 as a way to “democratise design” for everything from slide presentations to handouts. It offers web-based design tools for people who aren’t professional…
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Can Learning Kotlin Grow Your Career Prospects in an App Development Company?

Last year, the most important festival for Android app developers in the world, Google I/O, pushed the news that Kotlin will take the place of an official language for Android apps. This 8-year-old statically typed coding creation was set to join Java and C++ in the standard toolbox of Android app developers. Created by JetBrains’…
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